Life Guard products can't be toy, Life Security can't joke

Established in 2004, we specialize in medical alarm and telecare/telehealth system development and manufacture. Now we're only one company who focus on professional medical alarm and telecare system development and manufacture in China. We insist on setting high demands on ourselves, and keep the complex and hardships to ourselves, but bring people more simple, convenient and reliable devices and system, let more people, especially the elder people, enjoy the simple and joy of life.


Now we have sole region agencies in Turkey, Australia, Barbados, German and so on. We have long term cooperation with worldwide famous enterprises, such as Yad Sarah, Orange, G4S and so on. Under the supports and expectation of our clients, we insist on life security product should be solid quality and good performance firstly. We have been spending plenty of resource and fund on R&D, each model must pass lots of inner trial and error tests, revise and update design before launch market, and must pass lots of lab test before industrialization, including demanding worst case surrounding application, abnormal operation challenge and so on. Each batch goods must be sample test and pass our factory standard margin tests,including 48 hour high and low temperature and humidity test, 24 hour salt mist test, 12 hours shake test, 6KV ESD test, 500,000 cycles button press test and so on. Each unit must pass our 48 Hour aging test and more than 30 produce and test processes. And we will 100% inspect each function and performance for each finished goods before package. The rate of qualified product, ex-factory is 100%, launching market is up to 99.98%.


We're one of the forgoers in this industry, we silently cultivated in this field for nearly 15 years. We keep innovate, and never just stay on the surface or concept. All we focus is on the practice need of elder people, all we do is for life security, all we do is on the dependable and premium services for elder people, but not produce concept or toy. We set high demands on ourselves, we’re the 1st one release high quality audio performance, long distance (up to 20 meters) voice communication solution.We require all the devices should run on a high encode system to protect the privacy of users, we require the replace battery time to be over 2 years, max 10 years for all the battery powered devices, All wireless device must cover at least 300 meters, and max can up to 1000 meters, we require the waterproof performance up to IP67 for all pendant or wearing device.


We support every sincere client who decided to devote to provide long term services to elder people. We will provide you lots of backup and support during exploit or set up your market, and help you control the risk. To support you to develop new market we have no barrier on order size. And to support your developing market demand, we will keep on provide you more and more new and better products and improved or customized solutions.

security alarm
security alarm
Telecare/Telehealth Not Joke, Medical Alarm Not Toy, We Should JOY