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Established in 2004, we specialized in professional medical alert, telecare and telehealth system, or aging care at-home system and platform. By now, we're the unique company in China who only focus on pressional elderly care hardware and software systems R&D and manufacture. Based on our solid engineer background, we have established long-term strategic relationships with professional service companies for the elderly in 18 countries and provide them with hardware and software products and systems, and provide customized improvement and development based on the actual situation of each country's market.

We first set up a professional dust-free production workshop, the factory pass through ISO9001 certification. We have the high standards of our own, all production links to track management, we have a set of scientific production processes, via the process, all functions will be checked and confirmed at least two times (part of the performance of 3-5 verification), to ensure that all factory products without omission to meet the functions and performance indicators. We pioneered high quality, long distance (up to 20 m) hands-free phone programs, wireless communications through the triple encryption, strict protection of user privacy information, for all battery-powered equipment, the shortest replacement battery time will be more than 2 years, some will be up to 10 years, all wireless equipment requirements cover a range at least 300 meters, the farthest up to 1000 meters, All wear device will pass the IP67 waterproof requirements.

After more than 10 years hard work on in the technical aspects, we have made a good achievement in the product innovation and performance, and now in this field, we are the company who has most professional technology, and the largest yield in China. Our products have been approved by the vast number of partners, and we have long-term cooperation with many well-known international enterprises, such as Yad Sarah, Orange, G4S, AlertOne and so on, we will continue to cooperate with our partners, and continue to improve our hardware and software products and system solutions for domestic and oversea elderly care industry and make greater contributions.


Our Advantages:
1.With our products and platform system, you can quickly and cost-efficiently set up your service center, you can save more than 40% of the cost, and more than 80% of the time;
2.Our system fully considers your daily maintenance costs, there are lots of details practice solutions which will greatly reduce your maintenance costs and onsite maintenance times, you can save more than 60% of the maintenance costs;
3.Based on solid engineering and technical background, we provide a whole and one-stop solution, provide professional, comprehensive turnkey services, we try our best on what we’re skilled in, so that you don’t need waste too much resource on your non-core business, greatly exempt you from the annoyance and worry, you have more energy to focus on your own professional fields;
4.Our system has fully considered the product and system stability, security and privacy protection need, from design to product production, system platform management, our solution is a full range of layout, as far as possible to eliminate hidden dangers, to avoid disaster, as far as possible to avoid you and your team into crisis;

security alarm
security alarm
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