Lives and Assets Guard, Smart Control
  • ● 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, Universal
  • ● Professinal GFSK Transceiver RF Wireless Technology
  • ● Can Dial Any Number, Replace Expensive Meet Telephone
  • ● Support Pared with Unlimited Wireless Accessories
  • ● Freedom Hands-free Call, Smart Control Lamp and Devices
  • ● Elder Guard and Nurse Service Management
  • ● Medical Alert, Burglar Alarm, Fire and Gas Leakage Alarm
  • T20G
    • General Introduction
    • Technology Specification
    • T20G is a 4 in 1 Lives and Assets Guard and Smart Control main unit which is based on latest ARM core CPU, PSTN and RF Sub-1G wireless technology. It combines medical alarm, burglar alarm, fire and gas leakage alarm, remote spot monitor and video monitor, remote control and hands-free call. There are 3 special buttons on body,which are used to dial emergency and help calls,family calls or some special function need. And we put a Red Big enough HELP button on the edge, and there is only a big red button on the remote control, or panic alarm pendant, that will mostly help elders send out the Help need under emergency case, and let them get helps from society and family timely.
      T20G can support over 7 meters hands-free talking, it has high sensitity microphone, very loud speaker and adopted professional echo resistance technology, and it can be used for senior people telephone, and suitable for telephone meeting, too. And it has medical alert, instrusion alarm, door bell and welcome bell,remote monitor,remote smart control and so on functions.One device has multifunctions,cost-efficient, and can buy for yourselves or send to your eldership.Let you and your lovely people enjoy JOY from high technology.
      T20G can be pared with all of our wireless sensors, including smoke detector, gas leakage detector, door sensor, PIR detector, WIFI IP camera and so on. It can provide take-medicine prompt, inactive alarm, intrusion alarm, fire alarm, gas leakage alarm and so on. If it connected with our WIFI IP camera, you can check the real time video timely. And can enable intrusion alarm mode before leave home for something or outdoor activity, so that you can dedicate yourself to play outdoor. If it has been pared with our remote sockets, you can remote control lamps and electronic appliances.
      It's suitable for lonely elder guard, children guard, and it can be applied in normal house, store, hospital, rest home, bank, lab and office. It guard lives and assets, and let you remote control lamps, temparature controller and so on.

      4 in 1 security guard and smart control system
      New Released ID Security Alarm
      Meeting Telephone
      Definable Protection Mode
      Wireless RF Technology
      Smart Protection
      Low battery report
    • Main Technology Parameters
      Voice Communication Channel: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      Indication Mode : Red / Green LED Lamp
      System Setting Mode : SMS
      Luck /Unlock Mode: Remote Controller /SMS
      Help Telephone Save Space: 500Bytes, Can save about 20 sets telephone numbers.
      Alarm Telephone Save Space: 500Bytes, Can save about 20 sets telephone numbers.
      Can Pare Wireless Quantity: Unlimited
      Prompt Voice Lauguarge: Support Chinese, English, German, French (configured in factory)
      Support Alarm Functions: Medical Alarm, Fire Alarm,Instrusion Alarm, Gas Leakage Alarm, Inactive Alarm
      Support Report Function: Low Battery Report, Alive Report, Visiter Prompt, Take-Medicine Prompt, Incoming Call Report
      Available Sensor: PIR Sensor, Smoke Detector, Gas Leakage Detector, Door Sensor, IP Camera
      Wireless Brand:

      ISM 433/868/915MHz (configured in factory)

      Wireless Mode: GFSK,Transceiver, Two-way
      Wireless Transmit Power: Max +12dBm
      Wireless Receiver Sensitivity: -116dBm
      Wireless Cover Range: Max ~ 400 meters
      Wireless Pare / Program Mode: Learning, Pare
      Prompt Voice Volume: within 1 meter, >= 70dB
      Talking Voice Volume: within 1 meter, ~80dB
      Sleep Current: <= 52uA
      Standby Current: <= 28mA
      Calling Current: about 150mA
      Input Power: DC4.5-9V,1A
      Build-in Battery: 1200mAH Li Battery, ~36H Standby
      Storage Temperature: -40ºC - 85ºC
      Operation Temperature: -30ºC - 75ºC
      Mounting Mode: Desk Mounting, Wall Mounting
      Application Environment: Indoor
      Certification: CE,CCC,RoHS,GCF
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